4/27/2023 End of April tarpon update

Well I can’t believe it April is almost over!  Seems like time flies when you are having fun right?  We’ve been having lots of fun tarpon fishing here’s the low down on what’s been going on.  Right now the bridges and atlantic ocean side are filled with fish.  Both tides honestly have been productive and had their moments.  Some days it’s happened early on and some days it happens later when you’ve given up hope – but that’s fishing!  The backcountry tarpon fishing is not really happening but should get better as we get more into the summer time hopefully.  But I’ve been pretty much just bridge fishing lately and it’s been decent.  We’ve had a couple days I would call really good, and then most other days we’ve been having to work at it to get our 2 or 3 bites a trip.  Not really sure what’s going on normally April is a bit more productive but that’s just how it’s been.  Though on a positive note maybe it’s a good thing that the fish have been a little more finicky as that may lead to better fishing come May and June since the fish haven’t been beaten up too badly.  One can hope right?  Bait has been fairly easy as is usually the case for April though as we get into May sometimes that gets a little tougher.  The bridges haven’t been super busy which has been nice a lot of guys are mixing it up and doing other stuff since the tarpon fishing has taken a bit of work.   I still have a handful of days open in May, and Capt. Trent who runs my skiff still has plenty of openings too.  Capt. Brandon is pretty much all booked up but may have an opening here or there.  Capt. Stephen who is running my boat on my days off has a few days open as well he’s currently doing Fridays and Saturdays, and will be available for some evening fishing in May and June as well.  I’ve had Stephen out with me on several charters and helping him get dialed in, and we’re sharing bait duties so that makes things easier on both of us.  If you want to get out in May give me a shout I’ll let you know what I might have available.  I’m not yet taking June bookings though I will probably start taking a few bookings in a couple of weeks.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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