Middle of March Fishing Report Update

Well tarpon season is getting into ‘full swing’ here in the Florida Keys.  It was a bit of a slower start than previous years – February and early march we were plagued by some late cold fronts and heavy winds.  The backcountry early season spectacle that we’ve had the last few years just never materialized.  There were some flashes of good fishing back there, but as soon as it would get good either a front or major wind seemed to shut it down.  We’d also been dealing with a lot of mud/bad water quality back there which didn’t help either.  However the local tarpon bite around the bridges the last week or two has gotten pretty good.  They aren’t always chewing all hours of the day but for the most part it’s dependable and should be good the next couple of months.  I’m hoping since we had a slower early season start, it’ll be a stronger middle and late season (late may/june) as in previous years we’ve often had more of a lull in those times.  But please check out my report we’ve been mixing it up often as I always prefer fishing the backcountry these days for tarpon and there’s also been some snook and other things in the mix.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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