8/16/19 + 8/17/19 August Everglades Tarpon Fishing Backcountry

8/16/19 – I fished for fun with my wife Elizabeth and mother in law Ginger.  We tried some spots I just don’t fish a lot and some stuff that is even somewhat new to me.  We ended up finding some baby tarpon and snook in a couple of those spots, and managed to catch one baby tarpon and jumped off another.  Didn’t get any pictures though as I caught it and got it to the boat but he jumped away after we leadered him.  Also caught a handful of redfish and trout too.  1 for 2

8/17/19 – Fished with Stephen and Daria today return customers of mine.  We focused on tarpon mostly but started out catching a good handful of redfish and a small snook.  We found a couple larger schools of tarpon in two different areas – great to see!  Spot 1 they were mostly small guys, 15 to 30 lbers.  Unfortuantely they were not staying on the hook very well at all.  We got one to the boat, but he went under the boat once we got him on the leader and jumped a few times and pulled the hook.  Good enough for a technical catch just not very photogenic!  After that though they just kept getting off, either spitting the bait right away or jumping a couple times and throwing the hook.  We found some larger tarpon in the 2nd spot, but we didn’t have a ton of bait left at that point though we did jump 1 here too.  But still lots of action and we caught some big lemon sharks and blacktips too for an all around great day.  Good signs to see more tarpon numbers, it could definitely still be good for the next couple months!  1 for 8

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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