6/14/19 June Everglades Tarpon Fishing Charter

Got out with Mark, Kurt, and Doug today for Marks 50th birthday fishing trip!  Tarpon was the focus and we decided to leave early and head back into the everglades.  We found some fish early in one of the channels with the last trickle of falling tide.  They didn’t really respond though… but did get a good handful of sharks.  The tide quit and started to change, and we looked around and gave it one more whirl, but the body of fish seemed to have moved on at that point.  We then decided to run further into the backcountry and check the area where I’d been fishing a little more lately.  We didn’t see a whole lot there, but set up anyways.  After a bit we hooked up.  We ended up getting 3 fish there, no fast and furious rallies but putting time in and waiting 20-30 minutes between all the guys got to catch a silver king!  Such a beautiful setting up there too.  After that we had a little time left so we hit the gulf to look for permit.  There were a couple other boats already out on the spot, we trolled around and did get one good shot on the permit but unfortunately it was a tough one having to throw behind the boat and we didn’t get it in the right place.  Never saw them again.  Hoped to run a school over on the way home but no such luck.  Anyways still a great day.  Have the next couple days off though may go fun fishing tomorrow.  Be back at it Monday!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing