4/23/19 + 4/24/19 April Charter Fishing Tarpon Florida Keys

4/23/19 – Nice day with Chris, Scott, and Ray. We focused on tarpon and started early. No early action for us so we ran and fished our other live mullets. Lots of activity near day break. We had a few bites and a bunch of cheap shots, but just couldn’t get one stuck. Cudas kept eating them off too after the tarpon swatted them around. We kept with it and soon the fleet arrived. The action slowed down and a few boats hooked a fish then we got our turn landing a 50 lber. Also got a big nurse shark. After that we fished a bit more until the tide quit. We decided to go snapper fishing after that. Had to work at it but we got our limit of snappers and a few other things including a juvenile goliath grouper, redfish, and 4 juvenile cubera snappers. All in all not too shabby. Back after the silver Kings tomorrow! 1 for 3

4/24/19 – Awesome morning with return clients Todd, Farrah, Gray and Faith. We left early in search of tarpon. We tried nearby fishing some crabs early on but no luck again. We hit the bridges and first bait out it was game on before I could even close the bail! We hooked a nice 30 lber Gray landed. After that we got blown up several more times and missed a few more bites. Moved around and got into more fish. Steady action with lots of cheap shots and several more bites pulling drag, but just hard to hook ’em on the live mullets. Finally Gray got another one about an 80.lber on a sick surface bite grey hounding towards the boat! Landed that one, and then the fleet had shown up and things quietted down. We had a few more good bites, and hooked one fish we chased but lost after a few minutes. Eventually the tide quit and we decided to make a move. Found more happy fish and Faith got to catch her tarpon a nice little 40 lber. Back at the dock by 11, just an awesome morning I think we had over a dozen bites! When the weather gets nice seems like it’s game on! Back at it tomorrow.  3 for 12