3/27/19 Late March Cold Front Tarpon Fishing Islamorada

Little tough conditions today with Bob and Mark. Stiff northwest wind with another weak cold front. Also a weird weak tide that stayed a foot and a half above 0. We tried for some reds early on where we found them yesterday, but a total mud hole today with the west wind. So we then looked for tarpon. Caught slack tide and it took a while to get moving , but we did see some fish. Caught a few sharks, and after an hour or so and almost calling it quits, we hooked a nice 60 lb tarpon that we landed. As the tide moved more it got pretty rough and I figured we’d had our lucky break so we opted to try some other stuff. Ended up doing a lot of running around, as most spots I stopped the water seemed too high for the low water areas, and not high enough for the high water areas. Plus a lot of dirty mixed up water with the west wind. We did hook a very nice snook in one spot that unfortunately cut us off on a tree branch. Found a couple small reds in another spot. Finally on the way home we got on to a decent bite and caught about a dozen reds, six small snook, a few trout and snappers and Jack’s. Anyways had to work hard at it today but it paid off, but makes you appreciate the days when it is easy! We cancelled tomorrow and I’ll be up in Miami for the weekend, back at it Sunday.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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