7/5/18 July Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Trip

Got out with Michel and Nico down from Minnesota today for a day of tarpon fishing.  They are also fishing with me on Saturday.  We headed out early and caught some bait out back.  Found some big balls of mullet and loaded up real nice.  We ran to where I had found some tarpon a couple days ago as I had yesterday off but I heard the fish were still in that area.  We found them there not quite as thick as a few days ago but definitely a little body of them.  Nico hooked up pretty quickly and landed a nice 25 lber.  Dad got a shark and then Nico got another one about the same size after that again!  We got a few more sharks then moved around a bit.  Nico got a cobia off the bottom!  Then we hooked a double header!  Michel had a big 85 lb fish and Nico had a 40 lber.  We got Nicos up quickly and kind of just kept him in the water as we chased around the bigger one.  We fought him for a good 45 minutes and got him on the leader several times, but the fish would just not give up.  I really wanted to try and get a cool double header picture with a smaller and bigger tarpon.  But just didn’t happen unfortunately we eventually pulled to hard and the line snapped coming out of the rod tip where it joins the leader.  But a legal catch none the less.  After that things slowed down and we moved out to the gulf and caught quite a few cobias, a pompano, and a few jack crevelles.  Great day overall hopefully it continues.  Looks like we have steady east breeze the next several days, not gonna blow crazy but 10-15 mph it sounds like.  Shouldn’t be too bad but won’t be slick calm.  4 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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