6/17/18 Fathers Day Fishing Trip in Islamorada

Took the old man out today and our friend Ron Modra for some fun fishing.  We ran deep into the ‘glades early on.  Caught some bait on the way.  Found the tarpon back there.  They didn’t really bite yesterday but today they did… strange.  Winds were a little more easterly instead of south maybe that helped.  Anyways lots of small guys.  Ron caught a small 15 lber, we got to the boat but then he jumped off but had the leader for a release.  Then we jumped a couple more.  My dad hooked a nice 25 lber himself on light tackle which was lots of fun that we got up for a picture since he was small enough.  We then jumped one more fish and then that was about all she wrote.  The tarpon seemed to disappear by 8:30 or so, so not too long of a bite.  We caught some other bait and found a good pack of snook on the way home along with some trout and jacks.  We then found a few triple tail where we had seen some yesterday and there were a few tarpon there too but not as many as yesterday.  Though I had some better reports from other areas too so I think a lot of the summer time fish are showing up in the usual haunts which is a good thing.  Those areas had been pretty dry as of late which is why I’ve been making this longer run but will be nice to have some fish closer.  Back at it tomorrow with Sarah and Barry for Day 2.  2 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

P.S. Again small tarpon under 40 inches we are allowed to lift out of the water for a picture, but we make sure to lift them carefully and not wipe off slime, don’t drop them on the deck, get a quick picture, and release them healthily swimming to battle another day.