7/11/17 July tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Got out with Dave and Donna today, Dave is from Florida but hadn’t caught a tarpon yet.  We were able to get a good toss on some fresh mullet early on.  With the incoming tides now the morning bait should be a bit easier for the week.  We found a few tarpon early on and caught the tide change.  Ended up hooking one soon but unfortunately the line got caught in the bottom and he pulled off.  When the tide started going we caught a few sharks, then Dave hooked a nice 70 lb fish that we landed!  Good jumps and nice fight.  We tried a bit longer but no more luck.  Looked in some other nearby areas without much luck.  We ran out west to try the mainland areas, saw a big mud with a few fish busting in it and a lot of bait.  But never had a bite but did get a shark.  Then the last couple hours we found a ton of fish where they had been the last few times I was, along with a TON of little sharks again.  It was very hard to get through the sharks, we kept moving and trying but it was shark city.  We tried throwing artificials and even some crabs but no love, but we finally did get another tarpon on our mullet right before it was time to go.  Got him to the boat but he jumped off before we could get pics, but a technical release.  All in all a fun day and Dave was glad to get his bucket list fish.  2 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk