6/2/17 June Everglades Tarpon Fishing out of Islamorada

Got out with Bob and John again same crew as yesterday.  We found the bait balls in the same areas as yesterday, very nice to see hopefully that’s a hint at a little consistency in the bait department!  We loaded up and headed back to where we found a lot of fish yesterday.  Today though it was a different story, fished a little bit and kept our eyes peeled, but didn’t see any signs of ’em.  It was a little rough too, so we bailed after 40 minutes and hit the channels.  We didn’t see much there at first, but eventually saw a big splash of a tarpon busting and got near him.  We had a few sharks then got a nice tarpon.  After landing him, we noticed a ton of fish rolling around us.  Probably a hundred or so daisy chaining and rolling hard… but I had a feeling these fish wouldn’t eat.  They put on a good show though and eventually just disappeared.  We moved around down the channel, and then we hooked another fish that we jumped off.  About 20 minutes later we hooked a double header that we landed which was very exciting!  After that the tide quit, we caught a few more baits, and then tried the last of the falling tide at the channel mouths.  Saw a few fish, but not bites though did catch a few more sharks.  The rain was heading in our direction and we headed home taking a good bath.  But all in all another great day!  Have the same guys the next 5 days hopefully fishing will stay good for us.  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk