Tarpon Mount Information

Looking to remember that ‘fish of a lifetime’ for the rest of your lifetime?  We work with Grey Taxidermy who creates the best in life size, life like replications of tarpon and many other fish.  They use all fiberglass molds and have very talented artists who hand paint the mounts.  They are truly beautiful and will be talked about by everyone who enters your home, office, or wherever you decide to put it!  Also being fiberglass they can really last for a long time (decades) before they need to be ‘touched up’ – which they can easily do as well when the time comes.   There is no need to kill a fish – all we do is take an estimated measurement of length and girth and they do the rest!  The whole process usually takes roughly 3 months and you can have your mount shipped right to your door.  It’s a great way to remember your special catch.  It also makes a great special surprise, birth day present, or gift and is something that any angler would enjoy!  Check with me for details.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk