Discount Trips

So here you can find information on any discounted trips I am offering.  I normally haven’t done this much, but I am trying to fill in my ‘slow season’ a little more as I’m planning on taking more days off during the busy time.  So here you will find any discounted trip information that I may be offering.  Now if I get very busy during a given time frame, I may stop offering these discounted rates at any time.  So I suggest booking a trip in advance when possible!

For accommodations, I suggest staying right at Bud n Marys Marina where I fish out of.  They offer off season rates on lodging so you can save a bit of money there too!  It’s also convenient because you are staying right where my boat is docked, so rolling out of bed to get out on the water early is much easier.  Plus you can get breakfast/lunch to go early too.  There is also a fantastic restaurant within walking distance for the evening.

Please note:  You must discuss these discounted rates with me BEFORE booking for me to honor them.  If you already have a trip booked through the marina, a local hotel, or some other website I advertise on then my normal rates apply.  Also again these discounted rates may only be available for a limited time, as once I fill in my calendar enough I’ll likely stop offering them.

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  1.  The ‘September Package‘ for 2021

Basically September is always our slowest month of the year and is really considered our most off season month.  This is due to a number of factors.  School has started again so parents and kids are busy with that.  It’s the height of hurricane season so people are also worried about that.  No, we don’t get hurricanes every year but it’s always something to watch.  Also hunting season is opening in a lot of areas so many sportsmen are involved with that too.  But fishing can definitely be good in September so just because we say it’s off season, doesn’t mean the fish aren’t here it just means there aren’t many customers to take!  Resident tarpon live here all year long and if you have good conditions, you can definitely get into them any time of year.  Actually in the 2018 season, September turned out to be my best month catch ratio wise.  We averaged landing 5 tarpon per trip believe it or not…  Now I can’t promise it will be that good every year, but it just goes to show that the possibility is there.  Some good things about September are 1) Barring a crazy storm, it’s usually hot and calm which is great for our backcountry tarpon fishing.  2) There are not many guides fishing at all so you really have the place to yourself and aren’t fighting or having to race to spots.  3) You can usually get a good deal on a room as well as the fishing.

Now a few of the negatives on September are 1) Possibility of a hurricane, you may have to change your travel plans if that comes up but obviously nothing we can do there.  Of course we don’t mind refunding deposits or rescheduling.  2)  Being we aren’t so busy, as a guide you kind of lose that day-to-day fish grind knowledge, so you may not always know right where to be and when to be there as you do when you were out fishing several days in a row before.  However, if I’m not fishing for several days and I know I have trips coming up I usually try to get out and catch bait and take a peak around to get some idea, plus talk to other guides of course.

So that is what I have to say about September.  It really can be as good of a time as any to come fishing for tarpon honestly.  Now what I am offering for people who book ahead of time and mention this package deal is this.  You’ll just pay my half day (4 hr) trip rate but you’ll get a 3/4 (6 hr) day trip.  Also if you want a full day trip regardless, I will charge you my 3/4 day rate.  Please use this link to email me here if you’d like to book a trip in September for this package deal.

2.  The ‘October Special‘ for 2021

October can be a great time to fish in the Florida Keys.  Like September it is one of the slower months, however not quite as slow as September.  However we usually start getting the ‘fall bait run’ going on in October when can really lead to some epic fishing.  I’m usually starting to mix it up a little bit this time of year, we still catch tarpon but often there is good fishing for snook, redfish, trout, and more.  This doesn’t always happen and every year is different, but in all honesty October is one of my favorite months of the year fishing in Islamorada.  I am a little busier at this time, but I will offer multi-day discounts for anglers who book ahead of time.

I’ll knock 10% off  single day trips booked in the month of October.  Please use this link to email me here if you’d like to book a single day trip or multi-day trip in October!