6/24/19 Tarpon Fishing in the Everglades

Got out for Day 2 with Brandon, Kevin, Ron, and Charlie.  Bait was fairly easy and we caught a good amount with one throw of the net.  We tried tarpon early on where we had some luck yesterday, but today no dice.  Saw a few fish in the general area, but no bites we moved a couple times and just some sharks.  The boys wanted to mix it up with some action so we did that next.  Plenty of redfish and some snook, and we did get a little tarpon there too!  After that we came across a big school of tarpon in another area!  Not monsters, but our typical summer time fish in the 20 to 50 lb range.  We got them going on live baits, and hooked a couple double headers!  I’ll say we got 3 to the boat and jumped another off.  Was very exciting for sure on our light tackle too.  After that we caught a bunch more redfish and a few trout and a nice snook.  Wow just what a day these guys are lucky to have experienced the past two days like they did, we don’t see fishing like this all the time!  4 for 5

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

(tarpon under 40 inches we are allowed to pick up for quick pictures, then release unharmed back into the water without dropping or stressing them out too much)