3/18/19 March Everglades Tarpon Fishing Report

Got out with Jack, Jake, and Chris for day 2.  Little windier today, northeasterly breeze it was kinda chilly back there and overcast.  We hit some areas first while we had the last trickle of falling tide for snook and such.  Nothing in the first stop, but the second stop we caught two nice snook, one redfish, and a handful of trout.  Good action and a little something different!  After that we saw some tarpon blowing up and decided to move in on them.  First area we saw some fish, but just didn’t seem to be a good concentration of them, so we moved around more.  Eventually we found a few more and could see a boat that had just hooked up.  We got in the area, and after 20 minutes or so Jake had a nice 65 lber on that we chased down and landed.  We moved again after that, and found a hungry pack of smaller fish.  We had a couple bites that picked up the bait and dropped it that I’m fairly certain were tarpon but didn’t see them.  But soon we hooked another and Jake had another 40 lb fish.  After that, Chris got one about a 30 lber.  We caught a few sharks in there too.  We tried another area where we had found fish later in the tide several times in the last couple weeks, but not much there today.  We did tango with some big giant sea mosnter sharks, but never got a look at any of them.  After that it was about time to head home.  Looks like we have a major weather change Tuesday, with a cold front and a lot of rain coming.  Not going to get super cold, but likely cold enough to slow down the backcountry tarpon fishing.  Unfortunately the water back there gets much colder as it’s so far from the atlantic gulf stream, and the air gets colder over the nearby mainland by 5 to 10 degrees often.  So I might be having to stick bridge fishing this week for those that want tarpon.  Hopefully by the weekend though things will have a chance to warm up.  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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