6/8/18 June Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Backcountry

Had Mark and Andrew out today over from Texas for some tarpon fishing.  I told them fishing had been a little slow lately so we may mix things up a bit which they were cool with.  We tried the tarpon early, checked a few channels and didn’t see much.  Gave them a good hard look too.  We ended up going where we caught one yesterday.  Set up and got into some sharks right away.  Did see one roll we tried to get lined up but not bite.  We caught a couple lemon sharks then saw a tarpon jump nearby!  We moved over in that area and more sharks, then we moved again one more time and had a tarpon roll right behind us.  Mark hooked him up and landed a nice 40 lber!  Glad to have gotten one it took a good hour and a half of fishing but persistence paid off.  After that we caught some small pinfish and some nice trout.  We tried the pinfish off the shorelines for snook, but only had one bite we lost.  Did catch another big lemon shark though and pulled off a couple others.  We checked one of the other channels for tarpon on the way home, did have a nice one roll nearby but no bite out of him.  Surprised we didn’t see more it looked really good nice blue water.  Back at it tomorrow with these guys may run deep into the ‘glades and take a look back there.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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