9/16/16 Great september florida keys tarpon fishing

More great tarpon fishing in september here in Islamorada Florida.  We did the same routine as yesterday and caught one nice tarpon early fishing the channels on the falling tide.  A few sharks as well.  After that we bent the light rods a little with some nice trout.  Then on the start of the incoming tide we fished the beach and caught 3 more tarpon.  Great to see fishing so good this time of year, this is the type of summer time fishing I got spoiled with regularly last year.  One more day on the books tomorrow then a few open days I may go fun fishing one day, then off to the Bahamas for a week.  4 for 5

9/15/16 September Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Got out after some tarpon today and we had good fishing.  Got a little later start at 7 AM as my anglers were from the UK and couldn’t contact them ahead of time, but no matter we had some bait saved from several days ago and some frozen stuff as well.  Anyways we only fished two areas and tarpon were loaded in both of them.  We caught 1 first thing in the morning in one of the channels on the falling tide, then didn’t have any more bites out of those fish but they were definitely around, we did manage a few sharks.  After the tide started to quit we went out further off the beaches and found a massive pack of fish.  We ended up catching 3 more but had 11 bites it was incredible.  Great day and probably the best fishing I have had all year for tarpon as far as the number of bites go.  You never know unless you go as I say we have tarpon here year round!  I have a couple more days coming up then a few open days, then at the end of next week I’m going to the Bahamas.  Look me up if you want to fish.  4 for 12

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

9/11/16 September Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Got out with Tommy and Brian today here from Texas.  Have had a lot of guys from Texas the last couple months, the Keys are a popular destination it seems!  They wanted tarpon so we gave it a shot I had a little bait from yesterday though we stopped and caught some fresh over in the backcountry.  We got lucky and found some tarpon in the channels back there they weren’t showing themselves much but we were able to sniff ’em out.  Anyways we ended up catching a couple in the morning and several sharks.  After that things slowed down we tried to do a little snook fishing but not much was going on with that we lost one of them, then we caught a couple more sharks in the afternoon saw a few tarpon in another area but no more bites.  Anyways a great day the guys were happy to have each caught their first tarpon.  I have several days open then fishing again Thursday – Saturday if you are looking to go!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

9/9/16 September Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

We got out on the water today after being on vacation then off the last several days.  The wind was kickin’ a bit this morning out of the north and was a little chilly so wasn’t sure how great tarpon fishing would be.  Anyways we caught bait easily it was nice to see so many mullet around that were very easy to catch.  We found some tarpon in the first channel we stopped in and caught a shark and then a tarpon soon after!  Though they quit biting after that we caught several more sharks.  I had gotten a new bottom machine installed on my boat while away on vacation so was neat to play with that – the side scan sonar is very cool and useful we were marking tarpon with it in the channel.  Anyways after that we took a ride and looked up the beach to see if we saw any tarpon busting or jumping.  Didn’t see a whole lot, tried a couple areas and only more sharks bit.  We casted artificials for a little bit and caught a snook and missed another one, then saw a tarpon jump a ways away.  I used the new sonar when we ran nearby to the jump and were able to locate tarpon swimming around and set up.  We ended up catching a couple more tarpon and jumped one more!  Nice to have some new toys come in to be useful, we may have caught those fish without it but it definitely gave me some confidence to see them swimming by on the screen when we put our baits out.  The winds had kicked up even more for the ride home out of the east and we had a bit of a rough ride for a while, but once we got in the shallows it wasn’t bad.  Anyways a great day overall.  I’m fishing Sunday and then don’t have much until next weekend if anyone wants to go fishing.  3 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk