4/29/16 Islamorada Tarpon Report late april

Got out for a full day today with Brian and Steven.  We were after tarpon and we were loaded with fresh mullet.  Tried a channel early and not much just a shark.  Look off the beaches later and didn’t see much there either a few tarpon busting but didn’t appear to be a ton.  We did get several sharks including a nice hammerhead.  After that we caught some trout, and then tried one last spot for the silver king.  We got a few more sharks and then Brian hooked into a nice 100 lb tarpon.  Landed him and that was all she wrote we fished a little longer but things had quieted down.  Glad to have gotten one.  1 for 1

This evening I fished Ken again who had fished me a couple days earlier this week.  Last trip we didn’t get a tarpon we had a couple bites we missed, but he had gotten one the day before among some other things.  Anyways he emailed me short notice and I was good to go and conditions were favorable so I was excited to get out.  We fished around the bridges early and got a nice fish on around 7:00.  He dragged us almost a couple miles offshore after an hour battle to some patch reefs it was incredible.  Didn’t get many good pics and he came off the hook when I leadered him but a good release of a nice 75 lb fish.  After that Ken was good to go in but I wanted to get him another one so we tried one of the channels near home for a drift and hooked up on the first one.  This fish didn’t last too long and was roughly the same size though same thing we didn’t get good pics and he came off on the leader as well.  But glad to have gotten 2 for sure especially since we didn’t get ’em last time.  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


4/28/16 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in April

Got out today and we ran into the backcountry for some tarpon fishing.  Caught some good bait early in the morning so we had some freshies.  We set up in the channels and caught the last of the incoming tide.  Not much early a couple shark bites as we waited on the tide to switch which took a while as it was a weak current.  Finally around 9:15 it was moving decent and going out and we soon hooked a nice tarpon.  Landed him a big 130 lb fish!  After that we waited a bit more and then boom boom, we jumped two smaller fish in the 30-50 lb range right in a row.  Could of been a double header!  After that we waited a little more and then hooked and landed a nice 50 lber.  That was it on the tarpon we caught a few more sharks after that and some nice trout to finish the day.  Nice to see them biting a little bit.  Conditions look very nice and I think the fish should be getting happier and maybe will be in summer time mode here before we know it!  2 for 4

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

4/27/16 Morning and Evening April Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

Had Ken out this morning again we fished early 4 to 8 AM.  The tide didn’t quite get started when I thought so we drifted a different area while waiting on the tide switch.  No bites there we then ran where I’d been getting them in the mornings lately but made several drifts there with no luck.  Now 6 AM and I went out to another channel where I had caught some several mornings ago.  We did get a couple bites on 2 consecutive drifts, though didn’t hook the fish unfortunately they slurped the crabs right off after pulling a little drag.  After that we tried different tactics for the last hour, saw a few fish rolling in this area but didn’t get a response and called it a day.  0 for 2

This evening I had Rick and Jane they had fished the last few days and had hooked a few tarpon but not officially landed one yet.  We got out and I was looking for fish laying on the bottom as the tide was just starting to fall and it was clear enough to see them.  I saw one and we set up near by.  About 10 minutes after putting the baits out he slammed our live mullet and we were on!  We chased him through the bridge and what a tough fish he was.  4 different times he tried to go through the 4 legged power line concrete structures and I had to float the rod through each time.  One time the rod almost came free but luckily it held on by 1 strap!  He put on quite a show jumping and then several twists and turns around the bridge.  After 45 minutes we landed him finally, it was a total team effort as Jane hooked him, Rick fought him, and I had to maneuver the boat.  Anyways even though my reel got soaked I didn’t mind it was worth it to land such a memorable fish, luckily it was an old reel anyways!   1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


4/26/16 April Full Day Everglades Tarpon Fishing

Got out with Ken today for an all day trip back into the everglades.  We found plenty of tarpon this morning fresh in from the gulf.  Getting them to eat wasn’t easy however.  They were free jumping and busting all over as far as I could see.  We eventually got one to bite and Ken landed a nice 75 lb tarpon.  We caught plenty of sharks too including black tips and hammerheads.  We caught a little more bait later and tried further back off the mainland.  No sign of tarpon there but we caught a few cobias, and a big bull shark to end the day.  Great day and glad we got one.  I’m taking Ken early tomorrow to do the pre-sunrise thing for tarpon.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


4/25/16 Morning and Evening Tarpon Fishing in April

4/25/16 AM – Had Warren and his son Alex out for some early morning tarpon fishing.  We left at 4 AM I told them super early had been a better bet as of late.  That was the case we hooked up right away and Alex landed a nice tarpon close to 90 lbs or so.  After that we made another couple drifts and got another bite.  Alex let his dad catch this one not quite as big as the first but still a nice fish of 70 lbs or so.  After that we tried some channels on the other side of the bridge where we had caught them the day before.  Though we made a few drifts in each one and no tarpon love.  After that we tried some other methods as it got light.  Saw a few tarpon roll but didn’t get any more bites just caught a shark.  Anyways a good morning to land two fish!  2 for 2

4/25/16 Evening – Tonight I had return customer Peter and his buddy Bobby.  It was a tough night conditions looked pretty good with falling tide until sunset, though the tarpon were not very responsive.  We tried a bunch of areas and several different methods of attack though couldn’t get much going.  Had one cheap shot boil on a live mullet.  Finally the last stop we saw a fish roll and made some drifts with our crabs.  I stayed a little later for the guys since it had been a slow night and after sunset we finally got a bite but unfortunately he didn’t stay on the hook for us.  Was very surprised with good conditions the fish were not responsive I saw maybe 3 fish landed out of 40 or so boats we saw throughout the night.  0 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk