Tarpon Season 2017

July is almost over and our ‘busy season’ is coming to a close.  Thankfully I fished as much as I wanted to this year, not as much as most years since I took evenings off with having a new baby and such.  Though our ‘tarpon season’ was a good one and much better than last year overall for me though it still had it’s challenges.  The summer time fishing was a whole lot better than last year, I know I caught more fish in June this year than I did in both June and July last year (We had 55 in June this year).  July was near as good as far as the fishing went with the trip/catch ratio, though I didn’t get as many days in as I took a couple of trips out of town.  Though we were averaging a little over 2 fish a trip so that is pretty good.  August is here and I’m definitely still taking charters for tarpon fishing.  It’s often still a great time of year to fish… you have the warm, calm conditions that tarpon like, and you often have the fishing areas all to yourself as it’s ‘offseason’ for business.  I like to get out there early as is my usual summer time routine.  But don’t think you’ve missed the time to come here for tarpon, it’s often better fishing than in the spring when you have to deal with late cold fronts, lots of people, and windy days.  I’m having a bit of work done on my boat, though I have another skiff to use so no problem.  Drop me a line if you are interested!

I’m usually recommending from here on out fishing full day or 3/4 day trips.  Being that I’ve just had a child a couple months ago, I’m still not doing any evening trips, and the local half day fishing during the mornings gets a little more hit and miss as the mullet start to thin out locally around Islamorada.   On the evening half day trips you can rely more on your crab fishing, and that gets better as you get closer to dark especially on the falling tides.  However with the morning half day trips it’s the opposite, so if you don’t hit ’em first thing often your fishing gets tougher and tougher.  You can definitely still catch them locally on half day trips, but for me I am just dialed in on the early morning everglades thing, so that is what I prefer.  That again just requires at least a 3/4 day as it’s an hour run or more going back there.  Getting out there early gives you some very good opportunities, and bait is often much easier to catch.

August and even September/October can still be very good for tarpon fishing though it isn’t always the case.  Last year we had some of the best tarpon fishing we had all year in September and October believe it or not, just check out my reports those months!  If you are interested in tarpon fishing drop me a line, if I’m not available I’m more than happy to make recommendations.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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