2019 Islamorada Tarpon Season is here!

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March is half way over and up until now we’ve had a stellar early season for tarpon fishing in Islamorada.  Lots of fish in the backcountry and plenty of warm, calm weather has had them pretty happy.  Unfortunately we have an incoming cold front today and it’s suppose to drop into the mid 60s for several nights – not freezing cold but it is likely going to be enough to mess up the backcountry tarpon fishing a little bit.  Those fish are already showing signs of all the fishing pressure and I think a weather change will probably really turn them off even more.  Though in the long run it may be a good thing as they’ve been getting hammered the last month or so.  I’ll likely be bridge fishing for any tarpon trips I have here in the next few days, and we’ll see what happens after the weekend if things get warm and sunny and right, hopefully those fish will get happy again.

Also I’m offering discounted trip rates for the 2019 off season (September through November).  I’ve normally not really offered discounts on my trips for a variety of reasons, however next year as mentioned I’m taking more days off in the busy season so I really would like to fill my off season in a little more.  If you are interested in coming down at that time you can get some good deals on fishing and room rates.  Once I start to fill in those days though I may no longer off these great rates, so start planning early if you can!  September and October can still be good months for tarpon, November is not as much but we have really good fishing for other species.  Check out my discounted trip rates here.

IMPORTANT: All anglers starting Jan 10th, 2019 will be required to have an Everglades Visitors Pass when fishing in the park.  You can obtain one via internet/phone at http://www.yourpassnow.com and select Everglades National Park.  Most of my fishing is inside the park, so check with me but more than likely you will need one.  You can also buy an annual/lifetime pass at store.usgs.gov. However if we are tarpon fishing locally around bridges it will not be necessary – though I am not doing this so much these days.  Just check with me beforehand.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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