2019 Islamorada Tarpon Season is right around the corner!

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We’re half way through January and it’s been a fairly warm one for the most part.  Usually by early February I am starting to tarpon fish again somewhat regularly, given some warm weather, so it’s right around the corner!  We had some early cold weather in November/December, and I thought we would have a very chilly winter.  But it hasn’t gotten terribly cold and a lot of days it’s been up in the low 80s.  I’ve not been doing much tarpon fishing even though we have had OK conditions some days, as there has been so much other good fishing and clients haven’t asked for it much.  Water temperatures are still in the low range where even when you do find ’em, they aren’t always going to respond so well.  You can keep up with my other fishing reports on my other Fishing Islamorada blog.  For the numbers on 2018 we had a pretty epic year overall!  We landed 423 tarpon in 173 trips.  My best year ever with numbers and catch averages.  The best months last year were July and September!

Usually late March through early August is our typical tarpon season, with April through July often being the most consistent/peak of it.  Of course we usually always do get a slow spell in there for some period while fish are disappearing to spawn in combination with not great weather conditions, but you never really know when that’ll happen.  And you can catch tarpon here year round given the right conditions, that’s just a little less likely in the winter.  Right now April and May are fairly booked up as I’m fishing a more limited schedule this year (taking friday/saturday off during busy time, February thru July).  June and July are still relatively wide open and that does usually book up a little later.  But don’t be fooled it is my favorite time of year to fish for tarpon!  The backcountry everglades fishing gets very good for tarpon and conditions are favorable the majority of the time with the calm of summer.

Also I’m offering discounted trip rates for the 2019 off season (September through November).  I’ve normally not really offered discounts on my trips for a variety of reasons, however next year as mentioned I’m taking more days off in the busy season so I really would like to fill my off season in a little more.  If you are interested in coming down at that time you can get some good deals on fishing and room rates.  Once I start to fill in those days though I may no longer off these great rates, so start planning early if you can!  September and October can still be good months for tarpon, November is not as much but we have really good fishing for other species.  Check out my discounted trip rates here.

IMPORTANT: All anglers starting Jan 10th, 2019 will be required to have an Everglades Visitors Pass when fishing in the park.  You can obtain one via internet/phone at http://www.yourpassnow.com and select Everglades National Park.  Website is currently down due to govt. shutdown so don’t worry about it until that is over.  Most of my fishing is inside the park, so check with me but more than likely you will need one.  However if we are tarpon fishing locally around bridges it will not be necessary – though I am not doing this so much these days.  Just check with me beforehand.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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