2021 Islamorada Tarpon Season coming to a close…

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For the 2022 tarpon season, I will not be taking bookings until sometime next year.  Please sign up to my email list to receive updates when I am opening trip dates! I’m sorry I know this may be frustrating for some, however with a family myself these days I’m wanting to be more available for things that come up during our busy time (February through June), and I know I won’t have a problem booking those days out with a months notice.  So I will be referring everyone to Brandon who is running my other boat, otherwise if you want to wait and try to book me short notice I’ll be posting on here, email blasting, and instagram/facebook when I’m opening bookings – it will likely be a month ahead of time (So for April, I’ll open things up likely in early March sometime).

IMPORTANT: All anglers starting Jan 10th, 2019 will be required to have an Everglades Visitors Pass when fishing in the park.  You can obtain one via internet/phone at http://www.yourpassnow.com and select Everglades National Park.  With exception of April and May, most of my fishing is inside the park, so check with me but more than likely you will need one.  You can also buy an annual/lifetime pass at store.usgs.gov. However if we are tarpon fishing locally around bridges it will not be necessary – though I am not doing this so much these days.  Just check with me beforehand.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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