2020 Islamorada Tarpon Season is here!

***We are more or less shut down as of now due to the Corona Virus.  Visitors have been asked to leave the Florida Keys.  Hotels & Bars are closed, restaurants are only doing take-out.  We’re still allowed to fish and other businesses are still allowed to operate as of this time.  As of now they are also closing down access to the keys for visitors, only people who live here or who have active essential work will be allowed down.  I’ll post more as we figure things out, but looks like we are going to be down for a good part of April at the least…***

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Well 2019 is officially at a close.  The tally for the year was 238 tarpon in 126 trips where we tried fishing for them (and that means we may of fished for an hour or spent all day trying for them).  I didn’t fish nearly as much in years past as I’m taking two days a week off now and not doing the night trips, and we also focused on other stuff for the late summer/fall a lot more.  But the catch ratio was still pretty good close to 2 a trip.  Last year of course was an epic year it never got quite that good but can’t expect it to be like that all the time.  2019 started off strong we had the best early season I remember in February.  Regular season was pretty good too and the summer was OK but as stated, summer was nothing like the year before.  And we didn’t have great tarpon fishing in the fall like we did the year before (September in 2018 was epic for tarpon, this year not so much).  I did have some stellar fishing for big snook and redfish though in September/October so I didn’t really try tarpon fishing too much then.  Anyways next year will be here soon and tarpon season is right around the corner, so make sure to book your trips ASAP as I’m already fairly booked up for April/May/June.  Though there is plenty of good fishing to be had for other species in January and you can expect we’ll start catching a few tarpon regularly again in February.  But make sure to check out my other website Fishing Islamorada as I’ll be updating that regularly while fishing for other stuff for the next few months until Spring rolls around again.

IMPORTANT: All anglers starting Jan 10th, 2019 will be required to have an Everglades Visitors Pass when fishing in the park.  You can obtain one via internet/phone at http://www.yourpassnow.com and select Everglades National Park.  Most of my fishing is inside the park, so check with me but more than likely you will need one.  You can also buy an annual/lifetime pass at store.usgs.gov. However if we are tarpon fishing locally around bridges it will not be necessary – though I am not doing this so much these days.  Just check with me beforehand.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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