2018 Fall Tarpon Fishing in the Florida Keys

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September is over and wow it has been a month to remember.  I think overall it has been my best month catch ratio wise and that is saying something!   We had a good amount of tarpon around all month long and stellar conditions for the most part (calm, light winds).  Bait was a little more difficult than normal, but we were able to work with that.  Just so you get an idea on the numbers for September we landed 55 tarpon in 12 trips.  That works out to 4.6 tarpon per trip which is pretty dang good!  This year overall as I’ve said has been a very good one with just one little slow stretch in mid may through early june.  I imagine October will still be some good fishing for us so if you are interested in going give me a shout.  And remember for next year… September is definitely not too late to have a shot at catching the silver king.  This is unusual for it to be as good as it was, but as I always say if you have the conditions the fish are here year round so you just don’t know unless you go.

Fall usually gives us the last good blast of tarpon fishing we have before winter comes and we say goodbye to the tarpon until the spring again.  Every year it’s a little different as to where, when, and how long it lasts.  But the jist of it is we start to get some of the first northeasterly breezes just cooling things off a hair.  This starts pushing big schools of bait down the coast, and many of the tarpon that have been spending the summer up north work their way back down.  Some years it lasts for a month or more, some times you only see it a handful of days.  But right now I can say we’ve had a ton of tarpon around and it looks to be an early start to the ‘fall bait run’ tarpon fishing conditions.  There isn’t quite yet a whole ton of bait, but the tarpon are there and waiting.

We usually get this fishing best in October, however as I said it appears to be started a little early.  Who knows if it has anything to do with weather patterns, or maybe some of the bad fishing conditions they’ve had further north of us due to algae etc…  But I would say these next couple weeks look to be very good if the winds stay calm which they are forecast too.  Give me a shout if you are looking to get out.  I will shoot you straight as I don’t like to over promise and under deliver, and it’s off season so I don’t mind moving days around if necessary to give you the best possible shot at landing a silver king.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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