2018 Summer tarpon season is around the corner!

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So June is half way over at this point.  I’ve got on to a pretty stellar tarpon bite here in the last week luckily.  We’ve been having to make a good run and usually get up a little earlier than usual, but it’s been paying off.  With the light, calm, southeasterly winds the conditions have been good for it and at this point look to remain that way for another week or so.  So I’ll be continuing to recommend that to my clients.  Other than that it’s still been slim pickings.  The local ‘around town’ fishing has not been very good, there have been a few fish but they are picking feeders – you usually must be there very early or near sunset, and also the sargasm and other sea weeds has been horrendous making it just down right tough to fish.  I’m usually not fishing much around town at this time of year anyhow.  Many of the other backcountry areas haven’t been very consistent either.  Funny because many of them look gorgeous with nice pretty water and it has that ‘summer time’ feel with a lot of bait around.  Usually I am getting on them like clockwork and you know right where you are going to go in the morning and catch a few, but most of these other spots it has just not been the case.  Hopefully that will change here soon and we will get a good later push in July.  I will say a few years ago we had a little tougher fishing in June and July, and we had a pretty epic October/early november with the fall bait run of tarpon.  Anyhow time will tell.

I have days available in July still which can be a very good month for tarpon in the everglades.  June often is too for tarpon, June is often my biggest month with numbers, and July can be right up there too.  At those times we are often fishing for our resident ‘summer time’ fish which on average aren’t quite as big (in the 30 to 80 lb range, rather than the 60 to 120 lbs spring time fish).  However you can usually catch them in a much shorter amount of time, and this means the chances of catching multiple fish is much greater as you aren’t spending a lot of time fighting one fish when the others are hungry!  Also there is much less pressure on the fish as its a bit less busy, and many guides are starting to focus on other things.  August can still be good too especially the early part of it.  Of course every year is different, but I will say summer time is my favorite time of year for tarpon fishing.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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