Tarpon Season 2017 / Hurricane Irma Update

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Hurricane IRMA has come and gone and we are still standing strong!  Sorry for the lack of updates but I haven’t had internet at my house but hopefully I will soon.  Anyways to let everyone know the upper Florida Keys (Islamorada and Key Largo) are in pretty good shape overall.  Many businesses (including Bud n’ Mary’s Marina) are back up and running, perhaps with limited services somewhat, but they are doing business.  Some ocean side resorts and residences had some problems and won’t be back to normal for a while, but don’t think that you can’t come down here and go fishing.  There are plenty of hotels that are currently open, just drop me a line and I can let you know of options to stay.  Bud n’ Mary’s Marina has some rooms available if you are coming to go fishing.  Many restaurants are back to full service as well.  The streets will have a little debris piled up on the sides for a little while to come, but don’t be afraid to come on down.  I haven’t been fishing yet as of this update, but a few friends of mine have.  The fishing reports have been very good the last few days… the fish have been left alone and are very hungry!  I will be back to running fishing charters October 1 and that is when the Keys are officially open to tourists again.  Now further south it’s a different story, southern Marathon and Big Pine Key will definitely not be the same again and likely out of business for a while in those areas.  But yes Islamorada and Key Largo are more or less fine for the most part.

Last year we had some of the best tarpon fishing we had all year in October believe it or not, just check out my reports those months!  October can be some of the best tarpon fishing because we often have the fall bait run going on.  You also have the place to yourself which is nice for fishing.  If you are interested in tarpon fishing drop me a line, if I’m not available I’m more than happy to make recommendations.

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