2018 Summer tarpon season is here!

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We are into August and the tarpon fishing is still pretty good here in Islamorada.  Not quite as red hot as it was in July, but still good overall.  As of late I was on vacation for a week and have only been out a few trips.  Though the couple schools of fish we found were large and some big fish in them too 60 to 100 lbers!  Right now I have a handful of days booked each week, so availability is good especially short notice.  That is great for you because if you book a day I’m very amenable to moving things around if necessary, for instance if the weather/conditions all of a sudden looks to be crappy I can usually shift things by a day or two.  Tarpon fishing can definitely still be good through the rest of this month so don’t feel like you’ve missed out on it this year.  I’ve said for the last several years, I almost prefer this time of year since you get the good conditions and the place to yourself, rather than the spring where you are competing with a ton of other boats and dealing with super windy days more often than not.

September can still be OK too.  That’s definitely our slowest month of the year as far as business goes, but again barring some crazy storm conditions, it can be good and there are still fish around to be caught.  I don’t push it very hard because we all need a break sometimes too and it can be more hit and miss as far as finding tarpon since we aren’t ‘dialed in’ fishing every day, but if you are going to be here at that time don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me about it.  October though is one of my favorite times of year because things cool down just a hair, and we get the ‘fall bait run’ where tons of bait heads back south as it cools off up north, and plenty of tarpon are migrating back down this way too.  Some years this is the best fishing we see all year, and you often don’t have another boat in sight!  Give me a shout and we can plan your next tarpon fishing trip soon.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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