5/31/15 May Tarpon Fishing Florida Keys

Well it’s the end of May.  Got out for a full day today.  We were just action fishing tarpon wasn’t the main target species, though my guys had fished the other day for them and had not caught so they didn’t mind trying a little.  Anyways we did some light tackle stuff in the morning and that was fairly good.  We had caught some mullet very early close to home so I had bait.  We tried off the beaches and immediately saw a couple fish roll.  Soon after we jumped a nice small tarpon and about 15 minutes later hooked and caught a 40 lber.  After that a nice shark.  We saw fish showing about 50 yards outside of us so we moved out there and soon after hooked about a 30 lb tarpon we landed.  Finished with a few snook after that to end another great day!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

5/29/15 May Night Tarpon Fishing Report Islamorada

Had a couple days off though had some of my wifes brother and his girlfriend down for company.  John’s had some bad luck with tarpon he’s fished with me a few times and hooked up and lost a couple, and a couple times of just terrible conditions and no action.  But they were able to make it down during my days off and I told him we should be able to get him one.  We didn’t get out until late though it was good conditions with falling tide and a nice east breeze.  We tried very close by where I’d been having luck in the mornings but no life at all there.  So we went to traditional night time fishing – drifting with crabs – in another channel close by.  We hooked up fairly soon and his girlfriend Vivian landed a nice 65 lb tarpon.  We were able to get a few pictures.  John was next up and we made another drift and had a fish blow up a crab but missed the bait.  Then the next drift we hooked up.  He landed a nice 50 lb fish though unfortunately we had him on the leader several times but he didn’t want to roll over for a picture.  Eventually he ran off and we pulled the hook but they got some good video.  Was nice to get them both their first tarpon!  2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


5/28/15 Tarpon Fishing Islamorada Late May Florida Keys

Well more tarpon fishing again today we departed early and got out before daylight.  Went 2 for 2 on big poons, one of 75 lbs and another about 100 lbs.  Got some good shots of the 100 lber jumping and did a face grab for Byron.  It’s been tough for me getting pictures lately in the mornings, with the low light my phone camera doesn’t work so good!  Anyways great way to start our day we then went in the backcountry and got some snapper, trout, jack, etc… then caught and lost a few snook – sharks were bad trying to eat them!  Last night I also fished and we only had 1 tarpon bite, but we caught it.  Another good big fish of about 100 lbs.  I have the next two days off so likely going to relax though may take my brother-in-law out to catch a tarpon and may try to stock up on bait as it’s been very tough lately to get mullet.  1 for 1 and 2 for 2

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

5/27/15 Half Day May Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Had a half day today we got out early at 6 again.  Bought some bait yesterday evening as baits been tough and my stockpile is running low so glad to have some fresh ones.  We set up locally and we were in ’em again.  Caught 2 nice fish in the first hour both of 60 and 75 lbs.  After that we had a cuda eat us off a couple times.  Tarpon slowed down we sat another hour then we finally hooked another big fish of about 120 lbs around 8:30.  Quite a fish he towed us around for a while.  We landed him and funnily enough we were trying to get him up for pictures and we got tip wrapped and the braid snapped while i was leadering the fish.  Now the fish wasn’t quite done yet but I was able to keep him on the hand line for 10 minutes until he gave up and we got a couple good pictures then released him unharmed!  Quite an experience like leadering up a big blue marlin!  I have an evening trip tonight my last scheduled evening.  I will likely be doing some short notice evening trips later in June and July when I have appropriate bait and tides as fishing can be very good that time of year though I like to take it easy and only fish when I think it will be good in the evenings.  Will still be fishing just about every day, June is fairly booked up but July is practically wide open – one of my favorite months to fish!  3 for 3

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


5/26/15 Late May Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing Report

Well the winds are continuing to howl.  Today was blowing 20-25 mph all day.  We got out early and did the same routine I’ve been doing the last week and it paid off.  We got a nice fish early on within 20 minutes, about an 80 lber.  I didn’t get any pictures but we did get him boatside for some good pictures for the clients.  After that we had a cuda eat us off and then the tide quit so we ran into the backcountry.  I didn’t find much for tarpon in the backcountry and was light on bait which was tough to find back there.  But we caught some nice sharks and then bent the light rods to catch some ladyfish for bait.  But never got on the tarpon we caught a couple more big blacktips in the last hour though there was a school of fish back there just had to get lucky and get on them as they were not showing very well.  Tomorrow I have a morning half and an evening, last scheduled evening trip as of now though I may likely do some later in the summer when things slow down a little.  It can be a good time for that and not nearly as much pressure which I like.  1 for 1

Capt. Rick Stanczyk