6/28/14 Islamorada June Tarpon Fishing Report Backcountry

The boys were with me again today with dad.  We caught mullet first thing in the AM.  Ran out west to where the tarpon had been.  We had action early and caught 1 out of 3 tarpon.  Also got a nice hammerhead and large bull shark.  After that we tried some other things without much luck.  The right size pilchards were tough to find, and looked for permit for a bit but did not see any.  So we tried for tarpon again for the last hour and got another nice one of 75 lbs or so.  2 for 4 on the day!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


6/27/14 Everglades summer time tarpon fishing report

After a nice day off yesterday today I was back at it.  I had bait from a couple days ago still on good ice and in good shape.  We departed early and got into the backcountry.  Fishing a channel, we saw a few fish roll and things looked good.  Almost immediatly we were hooked up to a 30 lb tarpon which we landed.  After that we put the baits back out, and within a few more minutes we had an 80 lb tarpon on.  We had to chase him and we landed him.  After that things seemed to slow down and it got very grassy making fishing a little more difficult.  We had one more tarpon bite that we jumped off, a smaller fish again.  Still saw them rolling, but they did not seem to be as happy.  Anyways 2 for 3 in the morning.  Plenty of action with redfish and snook later in the day, and also caught a crazy 350+ lb goliath grouper while catching some pilchards.  He was laying under the boat!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

6/25/14 Everglades tarpon fishing report

Tarpon fished for a bit this morning on our full day trip.  Left early at 6 AM and caught a bunch of mullet in the backcountry.  We set up in one of the channels.  After a little bit we hooked a nice 40 lb tarpon we landed.  After that though not much else for tarpon action.  Tried one other spots.  Plenty of sharks.  After that we went snapper and snook fishing and had a great day.  Day off tomorrow, woohoo!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


6/24/14 Late June Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Today I had a nice family out and we gave the tarpon a try for a bit while doing some other things too.  I had some mullet from a couple days ago still on good ice and we fished with those.  First thing this morning we caught the last bit of outgoing tide.  It did not fall as long as I thought it would, but we had a good half hour.  Did not really see any fish for sure though and no bites.  We did other things that were very productive, lots of trout and snapper, and a bunch of snook we got on some fresh pilchards we caught.  Then in the afternoon we gave it a try for tarpon again.  I found some mullet but they were tricky to catch so we fished with the last few baits I had and hooked a nice 80 lb fish within 10 minutes.  My young angler landed him and that was a great end to the day.  Unfortunately he did not cooperate for a boatside picture and I didn’t get any jumping shots.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

6/22/14 Everglades Tarpon Fishing in June

Back to tarpon fishing today.  We caught mullet in the backcountry around some islands first things.  Got a good crack on them about 4 dozen or so.  We fished a channel close by, tide had just started in.  We saw a few fish roll and after a little bit we were hooked up.  We caught 2 out of 4 fish, mostly smaller fish in the 30-40 lb range, but a tarpon is a tarpon!  We got some sharks too.  After that we caught some dinner, mangrove snappers, and some more sharks.  We tried another channel for the last hour and got a nice big tarpon of almost 100 lbs, plus a couple big sting rays.  Nice end to the day, 3 for 5 tarpon.  The summer everglades tarpon fishing is getting better.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk