9/27/13 Late september tarpon fishing report in Flamingo

Have not been fishing a whole lot still as it is off season, but got out on a charter today.  Had some hard westerly winds yesterday and it swung around northwest today.  The mullet were everywhere.  This often can push many herds of mullet down the coast our way which we call the fall mullet run.  The first days of hard northerly winds in the fall.  This can go on several times before the water temperature really drops.  Today we had caught plenty of mullet with ease in the morning.  We saw free jumping tarpon off the shoreline of the mainland and set up.  I was fishing with another boat as well.  We jumped a tarpon soon after and caught a blacktip shark.  The other boat caught a tarpon.  We fished for snook, redfish, snappers, and some other stuff the next few hours with some luck.  In the afternoon we set up again for some bigger stuff and right away we hooked a tarpon in one of the channels near flamingo.  Not a big guy but a good 40 lber that gave a nice fight!  The fall mullet run can go off in october and if you are here at the right time, it is a sight to see!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

flamingo tarpon september
flamingo tarpon september