9/17/13 Florida Keys September Tarpon Fishing

Had some friends in town and we decided to try for some shark/tarpon in the backcountry.  I haven’t been fishing much lately it’s off season so just getting out a couple times a week.  Tarpon fishing usually is not high on the list as it gets spotty this time of year and we often target other things especially when it cools down.  September tarpon fishing in islamorada can be good if you find fish but they just aren’t all over the place being off season and the migrators are gone.  But you can still catch them if you give it the effort often times such as today!  We caught some mullet early in the morning and fished the last of the falling tide around flamingo.  Went 1 for 2 on tarpon and then the temperature started dropping as their were lots of storms around and the tide quit.  So we took off and did some other stuff which we had success with including nice snappers and some snook.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

September florida keys tarpon
September florida keys tarpon