7/18/13 Back in the saddle again

Well after a nice break from Islamorada we got back in the tarpon game today.  Today we caught 1 tarpon early on, several blacktip sharks and a couple lemon sharks, and some smaller stuff.  Mullet were easy in the backcountry, though lots of rain/thunder around.  We stayed out of the bad stuff for the most part which was nice.  Many of the backcountry tarpon seem to have split I didn’t fish yesterday but did the couple days before that.  One day we fished 4 different spots and never saw a tarpon, though caught plenty of other stuff.  The day after we had lots of rain again but managed to catch some snappers for dinner, and did hook a couple tarpon near home though we lost them before heading in on our half day trip.  That day we had one eat a live crab that we casted too which was pretty cool to watch.  Anyways looks like I got fairly booked up for the rest of the month, though may have a day or two available as well as possible evenings here and there.  If you don’t mind getting sprinkled on, let’s go fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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