5/19/13 May Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Report

Sorry for the lack of updates been crazy busy!  The mullet in islamorada have been a little tough to come by the last few days.  Even the commercial guys have had a tough time and did not show up with live bait a couple mornings.  Today we were able to get them pretty good luckily and it paid off.  We caught one nice 75 lb tarpon by channel 5 bridge on a live mullet.  A lot of fish on the oceanside but did not see any other boats hook up.  Later we moved by channel 2 and caught one there on a dead mullet, a big 110 lb fish.  Again a TON of fish rolling for almost 2 hours, saw one every 20 seconds probably.  They were tough to get to bite but we hung strong and got them.  We also caught a few sharks including a big black tip plus a couple of really big jacks.  The may islamorada tarpon fishing should pick up and I think crabs will become the bait of choice soon!  The last few days the fishing has been OK we did have a tarpon on yesterday though we lost him and caught plenty of other things, the day before we fished the gulf and had a good day.  We did catch fish the last few nights but its only been a bite or two a night.  I’m sure if you stay later past sunset the bite will be better on crabs and the tide should fall till late.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

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