4/20/13 More backcountry tarpon fishing in Islamorada

Went 2/2 this morning backcountry tarpon fishing Islamorada.  We were loaded up with mullet and unfortunately the guys only wanted to tarpon fish for a ‘little while.’  But 2 nice fish in 1.5 hours is great!  The islamorada mullet run is having lots of mullets showing up in the bays in muds as well as big balls that we’ve been castnetting.  This gives you plenty of ‘prime’ tarpon baits for this time of year.  Some days it is east to get a bunch, other days you have to work at it, other days you may not get them at all and resort to other baits.  Luckily live mullet are delivered this time of year if you so choose to utilize that option.  The islamorada night tarpon fishing is good too.  Locally fish are in all the usual spots and it’s a great time to be tarpon fishing!  I heard today locally in the morning there were lots of tarpon fishing indian key bridge, all eating live mullets on the top.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

backcountry tarpon fishing
backcountry tarpon fishing