February Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Well it’s February in Islamorada and the weather (as of now) is nice and warm.  Islamorada tarpon fishing in February can be really hit or miss… but reports indicate there are some big schools of ‘laid up’ tarpon in some of the backcountry basins and nearby islamorada around the local bridges.  Your best bet for a  February florida keys tarpon fishing charter is to try to book short notice, or at least be willing to also fish for other things.  It often is tough to find a decent guide short notice – we really book up quick this time of year and it is the start of our ‘busy season.’  In the backcountry, we often fish live pinfish, mullet, and crabs for big tarpon.  One thing I like to do is fish dead baits – mostly ladyfish and mullet.  This gives you better chances for other species such as big sharks, and the occasional formidable ‘mud marlin’ a.k.a sawfish.  These bad boys can rock your world so be prepared for a hard fought battle!  Night tarpon fishing in Islamorada can be a good bet in February as well, lots of guides have availability now as we are not in night fishing mode full time yet.  Catching the falling tide is usually ideal, though anytime when the sun is near set or after is usually much more productive than day time fishing.  One nice thing about this time of year is that the tarpon are not yet beat up, not many people fishing for them so they are much easier to get bites out of a lot of the time when you do find them and they are happy.  Of course a cold front can shut them right down, which is not uncommon this time of year.  Give me a ring if your thinking of going on a february islamorada tarpon fishing charter, I’ll give you the no-BS scoop on the odds and what I think the best approach will be.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

february tarpon islamorada
february tarpon islamorada