January Tarpon Fishing in Islamorada

Guess what… warm winter, 75 degree water temperatures, gorgeous powder blue water coming in from the reef… whats that mean?  It’s possible to catch tarpon fishing islamorada in january!  We’ve heard several BIG reports from the last 3 nights of fishing.  Leaving the dock early in the wee hours of the morning, fish have been chomping.  Tarpon were caught in over half a dozen different locations by one guide on 2 different nights, 9 in total, and one bonus large 30 lb permit!  If the conditions are right, don’t be afraid to ask about january tarpon fishing islamorada.  This all has to do mainly with the water temperatures.  These local fish are here all year long, they don’t like it when it gets below 70, and much below that they just take off for warmer ocean currents.  So if your interested in trying this, talk to the pros.  We don’t steer people to something that isn’t worth trying – we’d much rather have you be a happy return customer.  This time of year especially, hitting the tides right is every-important.  Your going to want every advantage you can have.  Tarpon are generally nocturnal feeders, often times you can hit it right and you’ll hear them going nuts on everything from mullet, crabs, shrimp, ballyhoo, pilchards… whatever poor unfortunate baitfish are in the area!  The nice thing about this time of year tarpon fishing islamorada is that the fish have been left alone for several months, so they are likely not going to be nearly as picky as they can be in, say, April or May (prime time)!  Just food for thought…

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

islamorada tarpon
islamorada tarpon